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Volunteer at The Fiddler’s Farm!

Fiddler’s Farm is on the look-out for volunteers to help during concerts and special events for the upcoming season! At the farm we have a variety of volunteer needs, but you could help in the ticket office, handling merchandise, ground keeping, stable assistance and helping with parking (saddle up on one of our horses to do so)! Even though we are asking for your help, we are more than happy to offer you some awesome Farm Perks! As a volunteer, you will be able to attend the concert for free the day you assist, get 5% off merchandise (excluding outside bands), free“Fiddler’s Farms” volunteer t-shirts, one free concert ticket to use at a later date and an end-of-season party for season ticket holders, sponsors and volunteers! So come on out to the countryside and enjoy the historic barn, friendly horses & musical talent all at one location! We hope to see you there! For more information, please contact us at (920) 559-3460 or using the form here.

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